error help me plz

Hello friends, can you help me solve the problem?

Hello! Try install it - Download Распространяемый пакет Visual C++ для Visual Studio 2015 from Official Microsoft Download Center

2021-09-05 05_17_58-Internet Download Manager 6.38

Please reply, thank you

Try to download the X86 version

2021-09-05 05_38_10-Programs and Features

Try reinstalling all Microsoft Visual C++. Install all possible Microsoft Visual C++ x64 and x86 libraries. Some of this should help.

2021-09-05 05_38_10-Programs and Features

Try install VCR86.exe — Yandex.Disk or VCR64-32.exe — Yandex.Disk

I installed it but it gives an error again

Yours is not a standard error. Unfortunately, I cannot help you(

Please someone help, thank you

Hi, what software did you get this error from? I see this as if it were your cheat.

2021-09-05 12_32_46-0Fq0thSF4LmjKJ

This is a very old version of the cheat. Download new - click

Thank you very much. Ok now, the problem was with the previous versions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

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Hello dear friend, I’m sorry, what should I do to not get caught up in the game?
CSGO banned chit

Read these and this topics. If you are talking about VAC, you must install a new version of the cheat every day (this does not guarantee protection against VAC). You can download new versions here.

I used Chit and got banned in csgo game. What is the solution so that I do not get banned the server?

Use wakbypass, or write your own cheat with improved protection against VAC