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Hi, to all. About just over 2 weeks ago (when I stopped cheating to play CS:GO legit). I noticed someone had received a VAC ban when using extrimhack. Recently I have seen about 3 other people banned maybe even more, as I have only read very recent comments. We need this cheat to be updated and undetected. It says its been undetected for 1 year and 10 months. However people are receiving VAC bans. This is sad because extrimhack has a lot of potential. I think a few tweaks and some language changes would make the cheat very good. If anyone knows how to get in contact with the team who makes this it would be very good as there support doesn’t seem to respond to English.


@KoroJIb hi, he’s doing this cheat. write to him. Sorry for bad english

thank you. I have tried talking to someone already but no replies to english speakers, as a few other people have also tried.

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Telegram - @armoskow

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