error help me plz

Thank you very much. Ok now, the problem was with the previous versions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

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Hello dear friend, I’m sorry, what should I do to not get caught up in the game?
CSGO banned chit

Read these and this topics. If you are talking about VAC, you must install a new version of the cheat every day (this does not guarantee protection against VAC). You can download new versions here.

I used Chit and got banned in csgo game. What is the solution so that I do not get banned the server?

Use wakbypass, or write your own cheat with improved protection against VAC

There is no video tutorial because I was a little confused inside

I did as instructed, but he did not come up2021-09-07 06_27_32-Debug

I did, but I still can’t log in to the server2021-09-07 06_32_16-Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive
2021-09-07 06_33_22-

If you are banned from the server, you need to change your Steam account or IP. It depends on how you got banned

How long does it take for my account blocked from the server to log in to the server again ?!

How efficient is this work? VAC Bypass?!

It depends on the server. You can wait a week or you can wait 10 years for you to be unblocked.

Vac bypass does not allow you to log into the server

What exactly does he do ?!

There is a solution to not block the server by cheating

It bypasses anti-cheat

But it does not matter, I was fired from the server again

I don’t quite understand you. Do you have a problem or question?

Dear servant, I want to play cheating so that I do not leave the server